IDentiWall vs Smartcard & Token-based security solutions


IDentiWall versus other solutions:

The seven A comparison


Or Token


Always with

Studies show that people find out that the mobile phone is lost/stolen/forgotten within an average of 20 minutes.



Always serviced

24x7 service available by the cellular companies and in case of loss can be inactivated immediately



Always informed

By getting the One-Time-Password (OTP) at their mobile phone, the user understands that a criminal identity theft, his identity, is going on.



Always Empowered

The user's ability to actually do something with the information about the identity theft in action that takes place




The convenience of traveling without the necessity of carrying around multiple devices just to being able to enter the organizational network or the banking web site.





Autonomous yet pervasive

The ability to perform multi level authentication, within the login procedure as well as within the application itself, without touching or tampering with the application.





All Computers

Solution that works without a pre installation requirement on the client PC.




IDentiWall Protects against online Security Threats

Made4Biz IDentiWall provides a robust, scalable, upgradeable security solution for online financial transactions through the public Internet and virtual private networks. Its   theft-proof authorization mechanism alerts victims and security personnel to ongoing attempts to use stolen identities. It combats attacks based on phishing, man-in-the-browser software,  code injection and other hacker strategies.

The heart of the system is an innovative mechanism for dual-network authentication and verification, taking advantage of customers' wireless telephones to provide a one-time password for each entry using SMS. This innovation makes possible a system that is easy to use, requires no new hardware and no changes to banking software or customer computer software.

IDentiWall builds on this functionality to provide a complete out of the box system that is robust, scalable, maintainable, and ready to meet threats that will emerge with developing technologies as well as existing ones.

A sophisticated database and policy mechanism make it possible to use user location, past behavior and other information to optimize the response to attacks. A syndication mechanism ensures that financial institutions and their IDentiWall systems are alerted to general threats, and an investigative workbench allows tracking and surveillance.

IDentiWall is ideal for online e-banking, brokerages and e-shopping. IDentiWall supports a hacking and phishing-proof new e-shopping method.  

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IDentiWall Announcement

Made4Biz Security announces IDentiWall secure e-Banking - [June 1, 2008] IDentiWall secure e-banking extends IDentiWall VPN, providing an ultimate security solution for online financial transactions over the public Internet in an easy to implement, easy to use, robust and scalable solution. More

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